Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Restore a Deleted blog

Unfortunately if you had deleted your blog by taking decision immediately there after you think it happened wrong by you,now you desire to recover it may be this article will be helpfull for you all. 

Note:-  Be remember You can restore your deleted blog if you haven't exceeded the 90 days limit.Google provides a 90 days restoration Limit.

Just follow these few simple step to restore the deleted blog.

1. Log-in-to your blogger you will see a dashboard it will be look like see below.

2.  Now move your mouse cursor up to the end of your Dashboard at the end you will see  an option show all  click on it see below. 

3. As you click Show all option it will show you all deleted blogs see below.
Note:-  Must remember the deleted blog age should not be exceed 90 days. 

4. Now just click on the Undeleted this blog option,within few second's you will see the deleted blog come back to your blogs list see below also.

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