Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Add a Table in your blogger/website post with a full rest.

To adding a table or tables in Blogger's/website post are very difficult for many of us or learner who afraid with codding or want to avoid codding if someone's really want to get-ride-of with big task of codding.I am here for you all to share a short method to add a table in your post just follow the instruction with me ...

Follow the Instruction : 
1). First of all you should be familiar with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel or any other SpreadSheet now create a table as you required with any of the above tools.

2). After creating a table in word or excel and SpreadSheet you need to convert this table in HTML codding Just click the below link a new window will open.

Tableizer : See the picture below and Paste your Table's from Excel, Calc or other spreadsheet :

Blogger Help

3). Copy the table from Excel see below:

Blogger Helped

4). Now Go to the TAbleizer Website and Paste the date or table and then press the Tableize It! button see the below picture.

Blogger Helped

5). As you click on TableizeIt! Button,HTML codding will generate and and also you will see the generated table see below picture.

Blogger Helped

6). Copy the HTML code.
Log-in with your blogger and click on New Post Button for posting a new post with table.

Blogger Helped

7). Now click on the HTML button beside the Compose button in your blogger post and  Paste the  HTML code which you have generated already,see the picture below.

Blogger Helped

8). you have done your task now you need to check it is OK or NOT just click on Compose Button and see the table after satisfaction Publish the Post by pressing the Publish Button Picture here below.

Blogger Helped

After publishing your post you have a desire to check how it look like in actual just browse your blog and see your work an i am really sure you love your work,see below...

Thank you

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