Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Center blog title on blogger/Blogspot/Blog

As we give a blogger Title,it displayed into the left side by default at the top of the blogger you can change its place(Center or Right) by making/adding few changes in your blogger's HTML source code.

Note: Before Edit your Template take your Template full Backup.

Note: Never forget to click on Expand Widget Template tag before Edit or backup your Full Template

1. First Sign-in to your Blogger click on Design under the Design Tab you will see Edit HTML click on it see below.


2. Find the Below Code ( By preshing Ctrl+F ) Put the code inside the serch box than Enter.

 header {

3. Under the header { find the code h1 { by moving your mouse cursor a little down and find h1 { see below. 

4. Before doing any changes with your HTML code see the preview by click on PREVIEW tab you will see your header location in preview see below.

5. Now just add the below code under the h1 { code.

                             text-align: center;

6. It will  look like see below.

h1 { 
  text-align: center;
  padding:25px 0px 10px 5%;

 See Picture below too.

7. After adding the HTML code you see the preview first before save Template. 

The Preview will look like as see below.

8. Now Click on SAVE TEMPLATE.
Note:- If yuo want to take blog header title in right side just change in the code like.

For right side code: text-align: right;

For Left side code: text-align: left; (or remove the code)

For Center code: text-align: center;

You have done

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