Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Create Google+ Page for Your Blogger/Website

Google+ is a great source for promote your Website/Blog just create and place your Google+ Page on your Blogs.

Start to create Google+ button :

1. Log-in to Google+

2. After Log-in see at the Right side in the botton of your Google+,see below and Just click on Create a Google+ page Icon 


3. Pick a Category Product or Brand.

4. Fill all the information Like Website Title and URL of your Website/Blog.

5. Select I agree to the page term.

6. Push the Create Button now.

7. Just give the tagline upto 10 words which will describe your Website/Blogger.

8. Photo can be upload as per your choice.

9. Click Continue.

10. Share as per you required.


Post the code at your Website/Blogger Page.

Thank You


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