Thursday, December 22, 2011

Take Full Backup of Blogger Template.

Do you know why i suggest you all to take the backup in regular basis this is why,if you are running a blogger and you are getting good revenue from your blogger so please don't think that your are the owner of this blogger google is the owner google is controlling our blogger's all activity.I had read over the internet about several cases where are blogger's blog has simply disappeared and Google never explain about it or get it many cases google also block for policy violations  and also many hackers are ready to heck for escaping to hack your blogger take backup regularly.

Take the backup of your Blogger:

1. Sign in to your blogger you will see a dashboard see picture below.

2. Click on Design than Edit HTML now check the Expand Widget Template see picture below.

Note: Never forget to click on Expand Widget Template tag before Edit or backup your Full Template 

3. Now Click at the Download Full Template ,there will be a small window will appear at your screen which will ask to save your Template location give the path where you want to save your Template backup see picture below.

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dear thank you, you have explained it very well..

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