Saturday, January 25, 2014

Add a digital Signature to your blog post/Add a signature.

Dear all visitor already i have share my thought  how to create a digital/online Signature now its time to upload your signature with your blog/website post.

Now follow these few step with me to upload your Signature.

First of all you need to upload your generated Signature picture to your favorite Image Host .

1). Log-in to your blogger click on Settings-->Posts and Comments then you will see Post Template Box in your right pane see the picture below.

Blogger helped

2). In the Post Template box type a small HTML coding

<img class="left" alt="post signature" src="YOUR IMAGE URL">

3). Replace the Red Code(YOUR IMAGE URL) with your Signature picture link(URL),It will look like...

<img class="left" alt="post signature" src="">

See the picture below.

Blogger Helped

You have done for getting the result you have to post a new post in your blogger.

Thank you
Blogger Helped


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Thanks for these instructions ! I really appreciated the read and shall be dropping by from time to time now.

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