Friday, January 31, 2014

Know the Limitation of a blogger which is provided by Google.

Limits for Blogger by Google

Blogs Limit : We can setup or generate 100 blogs this limitation for each an every account. 

Posts Limit : You can Post unlimited,and only the account holder have rights to delete their Post. 

Posts Size : There is not Post size limitation for Individual Posts. 

Pages Size : Separate pages have limit to 1MB in size. Individual pages (Index page of your blog, or archive pages). 

Comments Limit : Unlimited comments you can publish on a post. 

Pictures Limit : With Picasa you got storage 1 GB if you upgrade with Goole+ you can get 15 GB with gmail and Drive. 

Pictures size limit : By Blogger Mobile you can upload a picture upto 250K. 

Members Team : Member can be up-to 100 for every blog. Labels Limit : you can choose 2000 labels for a blog and 20 labels for a post. 

Description of a Blog : Description of a Blog should be 500 character. 

Characters limit for Profile Information : About your personal information you can write maximum numbers of 1,200 characters. 

Interests of Profile and Favorites : Up-to 2,000 characters in each field.

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