Friday, December 16, 2011

Add Google+ Page/Badge To Blogger/Website

First of all you have to register with Google+ Page so that you can get the traffic for your Blogger now you just add the Google+ page on your blogs/website so that your blogs lover can join your blogs in their Goole+ page.

If you are aware with the Google+ page firt  Create Google+ Page for Your Blogger/Website

Start to add Google+ page to your Blogs/Website

Log-in to Google+

Just follow the picture below

After clicking that area go to the left side at the middle top Get started Button click on it, also see the picture below.

Now Select Get the badge below the Connect your website Tag.

There you will find the selection of different' s style of badges choose any one what ever you desire,see the picture also below.

After that move your mouse cursor down and get the code

In that box you will find two separate  code which will be placed in to two different  area of your blog/Website,see below how the code will be look like.

First Part of the code will be placed bellow the tag of <body> in your blogger.

Log-in to your blogger than click on Design tag than choose Edit HTML.

Note: Take the full template backup before edit your template,by clicking Download full template.
Note : Before Download full template select Expand Widget Template,Than take the backup.

See below the picture where you have to put your code than save your template.

Now Click Page Element beside of Edit HTML.

Choose Add A Gadget than a small pop up window will be open find the HTML/Java Script and Pste your IInd code here than save it.

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