Thursday, March 18, 2010

How to Set Up Google Webmaster Tools on your blogger

Adding Google Webmaster Tools is just as essential as adding Google Analytics. The 2 go hand in hand. With Webmaster Tools you can do a variety of things such as:

1)Submit an XML Sitemap
2)Set Crawler Access
3)See internal site links
4)See Top Search Queries
5)See keywords that earned a clickthrough
6)See external links to your site (backlinks)
7)View site errors in including crawl errors

Get an account with Google (its free) or use an existing one. Then go to the Google Webmaster Tools home page: Log in and click the add a site button. Type in the URL of your website and click add.

Once you have clicked add your site you will be taken to a Verification Screen with a Meta Tag you will need to insert into the code of your blogger.

Alright, now we need to open a new window and navigate over to our Edit HTML section of our blog. (DO NOT CLOSE THE PREVIOUS WINDOW, OPEN A NEW ONE. Yes, you can get back to it, but just leave it open for this tutorial 
1) Go to
2) Sign-in and go to your blogs control panel.
3) Click on "Template" (Callout 1 in the graphic below)
4) Then click "Edit HTML" (Callout 2 in the graphic below)
Now that we have both our verification code saved from before, and we are in the blogger "Edit HTML" section of the blog we wish to get more information on, we can place the verification code.
1) Find the "" tag in your template. (Callout 1 from the graphic below)
2) Place the code you copied from Webmaster Tools directly below the tag. (Callout 2 from the graphic below)
3) Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save Template"
Now with the Verification code properly placed and saved we can complete the verification process.

Go back to the Webmaster Tools window (you left it open right?) and click the verify button as noted in the graphic below.